Azure CAFM Solutions

We are a CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) consultancy with the technical, building management and system configuration knowledge within our team to execute your solution correctly first time. 

Our clients are corporate or public sector landlords and occupiers, who demand efficient management of their property, building assets and resources together with reduced business risk.

Understanding and evaluating your requirements, plant & equipment assets, staff resource and required report data is key to ensuring a successful project. A successfully implemented system will provide transparency, efficiency and long term cost savings.

Migrating and Updating Your CAFM System

Azure Real Estate are experienced in migrating and updating CAFM systems. We offer a full project management service to ensure an efficient transition including; impartial advice, asset surveys, data cleansing, site-specific training and ongoing support.

Support for Legacy CAFM Systems

Azure's knowledge of CAFM systems allows us to offer help and advice regarding any Legacy CAFM system. If you have any question regarding your system, please call us.

For ongoing support requests, register and subscribe to a support plan, then let us have as much detail as possible of your issue.

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